Indian Independence Day 2016 Motivational Speech for Students

Independence Day 2016 Speech in English
The Indian Independence Day is celebrated each year o the 15th August. India got the Independence from Britishers in 1947, from that time, we celebrate the Independence Day of the Country each year. The Indian Independence Day 2016 is celebrated on the 15th August every year, but this Independence Day is special for everyone.

This year, we complete the 70th year of the Independence from the British people. This year's Indian Independence Day Holds special place on the calendar due to the special 70th year independent way. On this special occasion, we've brought you some of the best Indian Independence Day 2016 Motivational Speeches collection, to present them in the school. If you are a student, as searching for the Indian Independence day 2016 Speech, then you are at  the right place. In this post, i am sharing some of the best and motivational Independence day 2016 Speeches for students and all.

Independence Day Speech for Students

" Respected teachers, our batch mate, brothers and sister today is independence day, A national holiday of India.

We all know that India was not independent, the British ruled over us for 200. There are many freedom fighter come in front and started a war against British. First war started in 1857. Slowly slowly that movement taking a huge image in all over the India. The famous freedom fighter name come in existence. Rani Laxmi Bai, Tatya Tope, Mangal Pandey, Veer Kunwar Singh and many all.
"If you will ask for friendship then we will be best,,, If you think about Kashmir,, then you will be hell"
They all started the movement against British. But unfortunate we have not unity in our country and our freedom fighters, some of people from our country are playing this battle from British side, due to this reason our freedom fighters got failed and our country did not freedom that time. Our many freedom fighters are got caught and many are hanged by British and many got died in war and movement.
After the 1857 movement, in 1942 a movement named "Bharat Choro" was started by our national father Mahatma Gandhi. After a long Journey India became freedom in 1947. This freedom has a great value for our nation, for our country men and women. Now in 1947 we have a own country, not "sone ki chiriya" but it was totally own a free country where any one can live according to there selves.

Our country India is a great sign of unity, here all the religion live together, either they are hindi, muslim, sikh, issai or any other caste, they all are brother. So there is a great unity in diversity in our country India.
Patriot for my country will never down, it will increase day by day. And I can not stop loving our country. My country is best and it is my motherland.
So brothers and sisters after a huge struggle our country get freedom, many people gave their life, gave their present for our future. So We do not have to forgot their work, and we have to care about our country, we have to do some thing better for our country.And in last I want to say Please safe the country of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru and all freedom fighter.
Thats All.
Jai Hind

Indian Independence Day Speeches 2016

This was the Indian Independence Day Speech for Students 2016. The India is going to witness the 70th Independence Day in 2016 and we should be ready with the speeches to be presented on that auspicious day. On the occasion of Indian Independence Day, use this Independence Day Speech in the School to impress the teachers and increase the joy of this fantastic day. We hope this Indian Independence day speech 2016 helped you a lot. If you want to take the printout of this speech, then you are free to do so. We are signing out for now, but you can find some amazing Indian Independence day 2016 Wishes, Quotes and messages on this site. Do not forget to check it out. 


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