Indian Independence Day Speech and Short Speeches Collection | 2017

Independence Day 2017 Speech For Teachers and students- Good morning to all my friends and educators, Today 15th August 2017, we are celebrating our 71st year of independence. We all know that on 15th August 1947 we all got independence from the British and now even after 71 years, we are all aware how hard it was for our countrymen to fight against those cruel rulers who took lots of innocent lives. It is my honor that I am giving a speech on the independence day in front of all my fellow friends and respected teachers.

I've compiled a comprehensive speech, which has got every detail about the struggle faced by Indian freedom fighters while fighting for the Independence of the India. In this post, I include the two interesting speeches for Teachers and Students, that'll work perfectly as the Indian Independence Day Speeches. One is the Long speech, and one is the Indian Independence Day Short Speech that is enough to bring patriotism in your mind on this auspicious day.

Indian Independence Day Speech
Indian Independence Day Speech 

Indian Independence Day Speech for Teachers and Students

India is a preeminent country with plenty of diversities. Here individuals from all of the communities are born and brought together and this day is celebrated by every Indian citizen irrespective of their caste, creed, faith, language. This day which we are living freely is because of the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters. If they weren't there to fight for us against the British, then we wouldn't be here talking about liberty and democracy. We sitting can't imagine, how hard the struggle and battle for liberty was for India. There was no separate trading allowed at that time, and all the products were obtained from India and marketed at the British market at enormous rates and providing no gain to the Indians. We Indians were a slave for the British, and they used to treat us like an animal by giving no value. Today we have forgotten that how much effort our freedom fighters had to give to get our country independent from British rulers.

15 August 2017 Independence day speech for students

We all know who was Mangal Pandey, right? But many of us don't know that it was Mangal Pandey who raised the voice against the Britishers before Gandhiji and many other freedom fighters. After seeing so much of enthusiasm in Mangal Pandey for his country's freedom many other freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Mahatma Gandhi also started to go against the tyrannical British Government.

Independence Day speech for students

Today we as a student are standing here and talking just because of the sacrifices made by all the freedom fighters and many other ordinary Indian peoples. Sometimes we forget that we are living in the world's biggest democratic country and we have right to speak against any immoral thing. It is our duty to make India one of the top developed countries in the world. Right now we are the fastest growing developing country in the world, and we should take a moment and thanks to all the army men fighting for us on the border.

Short Speech for Indian Independence Day 2017

Very very good morning to the honorable Chief Guest of this day, honored teachers, parents along with my all dear friends. I wish you all a happy Independence Day. All of us know why to get together here in this huge audience. Most of us are excited observing this terrific day in this exceptional way. We've assembled here to celebrate nth liberty day of the state. To start with, we hoist our honorable national flag then provide a glimpse into all of the heroic deeds of their freedom fighters. I've such an excellent opportunity to give a speech on the Freedom Day before you all. I'd love to say thanks to my respected class instructor that she's given me a chance to talk about my perspectives with you all about the freedom of India.

Now, following the independence, India was a biggest democratic nation on earth. Our country is a most famed country for the expression of unity in diversity. It confronts many events testing its secularism nevertheless Indian folks always become prepared to reply with their motto.

Due to the hard battles of our forefathers, we're currently able to enjoy the liberty and breathe new air based on our desire. Obtaining freedom from the Britishers was actually an impossible endeavor our forefathers did with their constant attempts. We can not forget their functions and always remember them throughout the background. We can't remember all of the deeds of all of the freedom fighters at a day just, though, can provide them a heartily salute. They would live forever in our thoughts and way of inspiration into our entire life.
Now is the significant day for many Indians that we celebrate recalling sacrifices of great Indian leaders that had given their lives for the liberty and prosperity of the nation. Freedom of India was possible due to the collaboration, sacrifice, and participation of all the Indians. We ought to value and salute each of the Indian citizens since they're the authentic national heroes. We ought to keep faith from the secularism rather than be different to keep the unity so that nobody can rule and break again.

We ought to take an oath now of being highly accountable and interrogate citizens of this tomorrow India. We must sincerely perform our responsibility and perform work hard to have the aim and successfully direct this democratic state.

Short Speech on Independence day 2017

India got its independence from the British Rule on 15th August 1947. Hence, we celebrate our Independence Day on 15th of August each year. There's national holiday on Independence Day.

All of us understand that Freedom isn't free. It required years of attempts, non-violence, and yet another movement by our federal freedom fighter to achieve Freedom.
On 15th of August, 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru increased the tricolor national flag of India in Red Fort, Delhi.

Independence Day is observed with fantastic enthusiasm throughout the nation. Independence Day can be celebrated at colleges, and educators explain the importance of the day to the pupils. The school kids take out brilliant processions very early in the afternoon.
Everybody takes a fresh oath to serve the nation and also to do what to uplift her attractiveness.

The elders remember the martyrs who sacrificed their own lives in the battle for liberty. They pay homage to the excellent leaders that endured a whole lot to win our liberty.
This afternoon also motivates us to adhere to the instruction of peace and non-violence which has been preached by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the state.

This day reminds us of our obligation and obligation to the nation. Since the meeting ends with a tune, sweets are distributed among all. Then, people visit the slums and distribute clothes and food among the poor. When they return home they feel really content.

Indian Independence Day Speech by PM Modi in Hindi

Short Speech on Independence Day 2017 | Indian Independence Day Speech

So these are some best short speeches on Independence Day, and we hope that you liked these best Independence Day Speeches. If you have written any short statement on Indian Independence Day, then please let us know about it.


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